VHM Hotel Management

Planning to build a hotel? Is it worth to consider an international brand? Which hotel chain would be the best? What brand? How many rooms? You don’t feel like dealing with all that? Would you like to have professional project management? You are at the right place.

VHM Hotel Management with its vast experience and creative and dedicated team of professionals is prepared to help you at every stage of your investment and work out the best solution for your project.


Achievement of the best ROI is conditional upon effective hotel management. In relying on the long term experience of its staff within the scope of managing in excess of 1,500 hotel rooms, VHM Hotel Management provides professional services as an operator for international brand hotels. This pertains to the hotel preopening phase, start-up operations and the entire term of the Franchise Agreement. Within its scope is a full range of services including, amongst others, staff recruitment and, training, creation and implementation of an effective sales and marketing strategy as well as hotel operations costs control.
For hotel projects located in city centres, VHM Hotel Management is prepared to lease „turn-key” properties, so that they could operate within a framework of an international hotel chain. This requires VHM Hotel Management to participate in the hotel design & construction process, so that it complies with all standards dictated by a given hotel chain. The lease guarantee allows the investor to initiate efforts to obtain appropriate project financing.


VHM Hotel Management provides multi pronged approach to the project:

    • starting from a detailed architectural design analysis in relation to standards or requirements of a given chain
    • developing an effective use of the space intended for the hotel
    • establishing optimal solutions appropriate to the investors’ expectations

Selecting the right brand.

A detailed financial analysis drawn up by VHM Hotel Management specialists, taking into account recommended international brand for a given unit, allows for a realistic assessment of the investment. Together with a Feasibility Study it constitutes the foundation for commencing a given project. In conducting negotiations with the chosen chain we have one overriding objective: to secure the most favourable cooperation conditions for the investor, facilitating the quickest possible return on a given investment.

Project Management.

VHM Hotel Management is participation in implementing a given investment, supported by all encompassing supervision and coordination, particularly over international hotel chains’ technical departments, constitute a significant guarantee that VHM Hotel Management will efficiently prepare a hotel for effective operation.